Our mission

• improving the life conditions of people in need, regardless of their age, gender, society, religion or culture.


• providing assistance to people suffering from the consequences of poverty. This is done with a variety of tools. This includes the distribution of food, clothing, medicines, schooling, books and teaching materials, housing, financial assistance, information, etc.



• the program and activities are decided by it‘s members.



• we coordinate activities in Italy and abroad.



• we also promote animal welfare and environmental protection.



• all members contribute on a voluntary basis.



Our activities    



Our main activity is the daily distribution of food which takes place on the streets of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, and in the village Jamdaha, Bihar, in India.


In Vrindavan we distribute every day 70 to 80 kg of Kitchari. This dish made of rice, lentils and vegetables is distributed every morning and evening in front of the temple Munger Raj Mandir.



In Jamdaha we distribute Kitchari to the children who are coming to the free tuition in the main temple of the village -Radha Patita Pavana temple- as well as in the local market, which takes place twice a week.


The association Prem Prasad furthermore sponsors the food for the about twenty persons volunteering for Prem Prasad in the Ashram Munger Raj Mandir in Vrindavan.


In order to strengthen the health of the people and ensure high quality on the food distributed Prem Prasad is using exclusively filtered water for cooking.

Other activities also include the support for women and widows and the promotion of education for children and youth in India.


We organize activities and events in Italy and abroad: conferences, presentations, seminars, musical performances and other cultural events, vegetarian catering with the purpose of generating donations for the achievement of the above mentioned objectives.


Katya Waldboth,           President

Anastasia Antonova,    Board Member

Armin Untersteiner,     Treassurer

Peter Brunner,              Board member

Karin Forer,                 Board Member