our aims

  • The association is committed to improve the life conditions of those in need. Regardless of their age, gender, social, economic, religious or cultural belonging.


  • The association realizes its purpose by helping people suffering from the consequences of poverty. This is done with various supplies to improve the living conditions of these people. This includes the distribution of food,  clothing, medicines, education, books and school materials, housing, financial support, information and tools, etc. of cultural belonging.


  • The work alignment of the association is directed to the program, which is decided by the members.


  • The association coordinates its activities within its country and abroad.


  • The association also promotes animal and environmental protection


  •  The services of the members are provided on a voluntary basis.

our goals

The main activity of the association is the daily distribution of food on the street in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, and in the village Jamdaha, Bihar, India.

In Vrindavan we distribute between 70 and 80kg Kitchari every day. The rice, lentil and vegetable stew is distributed in front of the entrance to the temple of Munger Raj Mandir, our local partner.


We also distribute filtered water outside the gates of the temple. An important contribution because the groundwater of the city is heavily polluted and the water is not drinkable.


The association Prem Prasad also covers the food costs for the twenty ashram residents of the Munger Raj Mandir.

Prem Prasad is in use of  filtered water only. As well as for cooking to promote human health.


Other activities include support of women and widows in India and promoting education for children and adolescents.


The Association Prem Prasad organizes in Italy and abroad: lectures, presentations, seminars, music events and other cultural events, discussion groups, yoga classes, cooking classes and vegetarian catering with the aim to collect donations for the achievement of our aims.


Katya Waldboth,               President

Peter Brunner,                  Vice-president

Armin Untersteiner,          Treasurer

Karin Forer,                       Board member

Kristina Reutskaya           Board member