The temple Munger Raj Mandir is connected with the small village temple Radha Patita Pavana in Jamdaha, Bihar.


Bihar is situated in the northeastern part of India and confines with Uttar Pradesh. Both states are one of the poorest ones in India.

Many children do not have the possibility to attend a secondary school as a consequence of the poverty. They start to work already in the youth in order to help with the family livelihood.

Jamdaha is a small village, which lies in harmonious rural landscape with agricultural lands and greens. Jamdaha is completely embedded in natural and unpolluted environment, with fresh drinking water, nutritious and fertile soil. The villagers live a very simple life with no electricity.


In 2010, after 3 years of collaboration with Munger Raj Mandir in Vrindavan, we decided to expand our food distribution also to Jamdaha. Every afternoon we distribute Kitchari to school children who come to the temple for the free tuition sponsored by our Norwegian partner association Prem Seva. Around 60 children are coming every day to the tuition classes and are happy to get the tasty food before returning to their homes. Every day we distribute approx. 8kg of Kitchari to the school children.


Prem Prasad furthermore distributes food on the weekly market and sponsors the food for the weekly Sunday festivals. Every Sunday some families of the village are invited to a small festival in the temple. Thereby we try to strengthen the sense of belonging within the villagers.