Our local partner in India is the board of the temple Munger Raj Mandir in Vrindavan.

To give alms is deeply rooted in the Indian tradition. Therefore many temples in India carry out small charity programs. Many people come to the temples to ask for alms and food. In the temple Munger Raj Mandir many festivals are celebrated, both religious and non-religious.


The people living in the Ashram Munger Raj Mandir carry out all works related to Prem Prasad: they buy the food, cook it and distribute it on the street.



Food purchase


We purchase our food from local farmers in order to enhance the local economy. Vegetables and fruits are bought daily fresh from the market. Lentils as well as spices are bought every 2-3 weeks. The rice is purchased at one time in the year. We need approx. 4 tonnes of rice in one year. The rice as well as the lentils and spices are kept in our storage room.






Distribution of clothes and stationery


Several times in the year we distribute clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. to persons in need. We also distribute stationery to school children.